107 Duties of the Tribal Administrator

107 Duties of the Tribal Administrator

ยง 107 Duties of the Tribal Administrator 
The Tribal Administrator is responsible for providing oversight of all of the financial activities of  the  San  Juan  Southern  Paiute Tribe.  The  Tribal  Administrator  is  not  required  to  be  a professional financial manager, but is expected to have general knowledge, background and experience in financial management, business and investment. The Tribal  Administrator  is expected to avail himself or herself of training and education in subject matters of importance to the position. With respect to the provisions of this Title, the Tribal Administrator shall: 

A. Review financial activities and report any concerns to the Tribal Council.

B. Act as an authorizing signature for all checks, money wires, fund transfers or other transactions involving Tribal funds approved by the proper authorizing official.

C. Participate with the Comptroller in the solicitation, interview and recommendation of independent auditors to appoint subject to approval of the Tribal Council.

D. Certify in writing budget changes and amendments as authorized by the Tribal Council in accordance with this Title. 

E. Provide oversight through review and analysis of all fiscal management activities and report on any matters of concern to the appropriate authority. 

F. Provide general recommendations regarding budget and financial planning.

G. Review fiscal  management  laws  and  policies  annually  with  the President,  Vice President, Comptroller  and  Accountant  and  provide  input  and  guidance  to recommendations for amendments.

H. Review banking relationships with the President, Vice President and Comptroller and make recommendations to the Tribal Council as appropriate.

I. Review financial status and revenue projections, and make recommendations regarding long-term financial planning, savings and annual spending levels.

J. Review budget proposals and make recommendations regarding priorities and options.

K.Review major financing and economic development proposals and provide recommendations in line with overall Tribal finances.

L. Respond to inquiries of the Tribal Council regarding financial matters.  

M. Assist the Tribal Council with development and administration of the budget for the operation of the Tribal Council and Tribal Administration. 

[Legislative History: Enacted by Resolution No. 2018-76, 10/19/2018]
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