1602 Initiative/Referendum Petitions

1602 Initiative/Referendum Petitions

ยง 1602 Initiative/Referendum Petitions

A. The Election Board shall issue an Official Initiative/Referendum Petition similar to Form K to any adult tribal member who requests them. The petitions shall specify the proposed or enacted ordinance or resolution that is to be the subject of the initiative or referendum.

B. Each eligible voter of the Tribe shall have the right, exercisable freely and without restraint or coercion of any kind, to sign an Initiative/Referendum Petition.

C. A completed Initiative/Referendum Petition shall be submitted to the Tribal Council. The Tribal Council shall submit the Petition to the Election Board.

D. The Election Board shall verify the signatures on an Initiative/Referendum Petition within ten (10) days of the receipt of such Petition from the Tribal Council.

[Legislative History: Enacted by Resolution No. 97-12, 3/19/1997; Amendment and Restatement by Resolution No. 2019-162, 12/18/2019]
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