604 Notice of Nomination Meeting and Election

604 Notice of Nomination Meeting and Election

ยง 604 Notice of Nomination Meeting and Election

A. 30 Days Advance Notice. The Election Board shall mail to all eligible voters advance notice of the nomination meeting and the election at least thirty (30) days prior to the nomination meeting. If the election is a special election where a nomination meeting is not required, then the Notice shall be mailed at least thirty (30) days prior to the election.

B. The Election Board prepare a Notice of Election similar to Form C in the Appendix to this Ordinance, which shall, at minimum, contain the following information, as applicable:

      1. the date of the election;
      2. the location of the polling place;
      3. the hours of voting;
      4. the date and location of the nomination meeting, and the procedures for nominations at the nomination meeting;
      5. the issues to be decided in the election;
      6. the Tribal Council seats that are to be voted on at the election;
      7. the amount and form of payment that must be submitted by the nominee to pay for the processing of the background check; and
      8. other important information as determined by the Election Board.

C. Resetting Election Day. The Election Board shall have the authority to reset the election day to a later date if: (1) the required background checks for nominees are not processed in time for an election due to factors beyond the control of the Election Board, or (2) upon order of the Tribal Court. The Election Board shall notice to all eligible voters by mail at least thirty (30) days in advance of the date of the reset election date.

[Legislative History:  Enacted  by  Resolution  No.  97-12,  3/19/1997;  Amendment  and  Restatement  by Resolution No. 2019-162, 12/18/2019] 
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