Section 1. Territory.

Section 1. Territory.

Territory. The territory of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe shall include, to the fullest extent possible consistent with federal law, all lands, water, property, airspace, surface rights, subsurface rights and other natural resources in which the Tribe now or in the future has any interest, which are owned now or in the future by the United States for the exclusive or non-exclusive benefit of the Tribe or for individual tribal members, or which are located within the boundaries of a reservation which may be established for the Tribe, notwithstanding the issuance of any right-of- way.

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    • Section 3. Rights of Members.

      Section 3. Rights of Members. All persons accepted as members under Section 1, above, or adopted into membership under Section 2, above, shall have the same rights as tribal members in accordance with this constitution, Provided, That the Tribal ...
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      Section 8. Enrollment Ordinance. The Tribal Council shall enact an enrollment ordinance consistent with this constitution.
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    • Section 14. Election Ordinance.

      Section 14. Election Ordinance. The Tribal Council shall enact an election ordinance consistent with this constitution which covers all necessary procedures for all elections.