Section 8. Ballots.

Section 8. Ballots.

Section 8.
Ballots. All voting at regular and special elections shall be done by secret written ballot.

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    • Section 2. Special Elections.

      Section 2. Special Elections. Special elections shall be held when called for by the Tribal Council, by this constitution, or by the voters, as provided for in this constitution or appropriate ordinances.
    • Section 9. Absentee Ballots.

      Section 9. Absentee Ballots. Absentee voting shall not be permitted.
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      This constitution, when adopted by a majority vote of the registered voters of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe, voting at a special election authorized by the Secretary of the Interior in which at least thirty percent (30%) of those registered in ...
    • Section 14. Election Ordinance.

      Section 14. Election Ordinance. The Tribal Council shall enact an election ordinance consistent with this constitution which covers all necessary procedures for all elections.
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      § 104 General Elections A. Timing of General Elections. Pursuant to Article  VIII,  Section 1 of the Constitution, General Elections to vote for Tribal Council Members shall be held on the first Saturday in May in odd numbered years. B. Staggered  ...