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            Approved by Tribal Council Resolution No. 2019-03 dated January 18, 2019

            The Education Assistance Program of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe is governed by the

            requirements of Title 8, Chapters 1 and 3 of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe Law & Order

            Code (Code). A copy of Title 8 of the Code can be reviewed on the Tribe’s website at

   or can be obtained upon request to the Tribal Administration Office.

            The Education Assistance Program provides various types of education assistance to Tribal

            Members who submit a complete Education Assistance Program Application (Application) and

            who meet the established criteria for the Program in accordance with the Tribal Law & Order

            Code and the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe Education Assistance Program Handbook

            (Handbook). This Education Assistance Application Packet is part of the Handbook. A complete

            copy of the Handbook can be obtained upon request to the Tribal Administration Office. Please

            note that the Code, the Handbook and this Application Packet may be updated from time to time.

            Prior to making an Application for Education Assistance, you should make sure that you are using

            the current version of the Code, Handbook and Application Packet.

            The Education Assistance Program is funded each year as part of the overall Tribal Budget and

            funding is limited from year to year. The review of your Application will be categorized by the

            type of Education Assistance you are requesting (e.g. scholarship and living allowance, etc.). The

            type of assistance offered by the Tribe to provide education assistance for Tribal Members, if any,

            may not necessarily be the type of assistance initially requested by the Applicant.

            Education Assistance may be denied if:

            • You do not meet the qualifications for assistance;

            • Sufficient funds are not available in the Program Budget or providing the requested

            assistance would result in the expenditure of a significant amount of the Program

            Budget that would prevent the Tribe from fulfilling a sufficient number of other Tribal

            Member requests for Education Assistance;

            • A more efficient and reasonable means of achieving education assistance is available;

            • Achieving the requested Assistance is impractical or unlawful;

            • The Tribe lacks the necessary resources to provide the requested Education Assistance

            in an adequate manner; or

            • For any other non-discriminatory reason.


            Receiving assistance from an approved Tribal Assistance Program could impact your ability to

            qualify for or receive other benefits or assistance from the state or federal government. Please

            check with your local agency providing state or federal benefits to determine the impact, if any,

            of receiving assistance from an approved Tribal Assistance Program.

            Version 2019_1_18

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            TITLE 8, CHAPTER 1, SECTION 307


            § 307 Appeals and Remedies.

            A. Right to Appeal. Any Applicant who has submitted an Application shall have the right to appeal

            to the Tribal Court of the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe, provided that the Tribal Court shall only

            have jurisdiction to address appeals alleging that the Constitution and/or the Law & Order Code

            has been violated.

            B. Where to File the Appeal. All appeals shall be filed with the Tribal Court pursuant to the appeal

            procedure established in Title 5 of the Law & Order Code.

            A. When to File Appeal. All initial appeals pursuant to this Article shall be filed within 30 days of

            the receipt of a notice informing the Applicant that their Application for assistance under a Tribal

            Program pursuant to this Title has been rejected or within 30 days of an alleged violation of the

            Tribal Constitution and/or the Law & Order Code.

            B. Remedies. With regard to appeals made pursuant to this Section, the Tribal Court shall have the

            jurisdiction to order compliance with the Tribal Constitution and/or Law & Order Code. Decisions

            of the Tribal Administration or Tribal Council shall only be set aside if arbitrary, capricious, an

            abuse of discretion, or otherwise not in accordance with law.

            [Legislative History: Enacted by Resolution No. 2018-72, 10/5/2018]

            Version 2019_1_18

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            If you do not submit a complete application:

            1. A Notice will be mailed to you that informs you that your application is incomplete and

            it will request that you submit the items needed to complete the application.

            2. If you do not provide a response within 30 days from the date of the Notice, any forms

            and/or photocopied information will be shredded. Any original documents will be mailed

            back to you at the last address provided on the application.

            3. If your application is closed for failure to timely submit the requested documentation, you

            will be required to submit a new application with all the appropriate documentation in

            order to reapply for Assistance.


            San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe

            ATTN: Education Assistance Application

            P.O. Box 2950 (mailing)

            50 South Main Street, Suite 102 (street address)

            Tuba City, Arizona 86045

            You are responsible for ensuring that your application documents are delivered to the Tribe. It

            is recommended that if you are mailing your documents that you send them by

            Certified Mail – Return Receipt Requested or by Federal Express.


            Mail: San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe

            ATTN: Tribal Administrator

            PO Box 2950 (mailing address)

            50 South Main Street, Suite 102 (street address)

            Tuba City, Arizona 86045

            Phone: 928-212-9794

            Fax: 928-233-8948


            Updated: 29 Apr 2019 07:45 AM
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